Handy Jewelry Storage In Small Jewelry Box For Urgent Cases


Not only jewelry pieces but there are different jewelry boxes which are made u of different materials and are used for safe storage of the accessory pieces. The best way to store jewelries is to cover them and place them into jewelry storage boxes. These boxes are either present at dressing table or are safely stored in closet portion that is dedicated to jewelry only. These are mostly placed in areas that easily accessible and in reach of people when in hurry to dress up, as jewelry completes the look. There is quite a variety in the sizes available like some small jewelry box, large jewelry box, traditional box and modern jewelry box. All these boxes do not only vary in size but design is also another factor them. As, most of the jewelry boxes are bright and decorated in order to compliment the jewelry stored inside. Some are also very simple in construction and are simply made up of wood without any decorative attraction in them.

Jewelry storage

The major concern while arranging containers for jewelry storage is to use boxes or drawers which are smooth and plain in texture in order to avoid scratches from hard linings in it. Most jewelry box employed for this purpose are wooden in material but it should be only polished and refined smooth wood, so that no hard-hitting with walls can happen. In addition to wood, the other jewelry storage box material is velvet, which is comparatively costly but the most comfortable source in which all type of expensive and vintage accessories can be placed.

Jewelry storage should be maintain din such a way that over hangs and necklace do not tangled over each other. In this way, it is important to use stands and large containers for such oversized jewelry pieces. One other approach is to wrap the jewelry in plastic papers and sheets so that they can be safely stored.

Use of small jewelry box

There are many cases where on certain occasions people have to carry their jewelry pieces with them. So, storage and carrying such accessories is a task here. In order to make it easy, there is variety in small jewelry box which are handy and can be used to carry in hand bags as well as suit case. Such small jewelry box is referred as casket, mainly used for urgently required and small sized accessories for particular occasion.

There are people who designed and created their own customized small jewelry box which have compartments in them in order to place necklace, ear pieces, rings etc. in each of them. These mini jewelry containers are unique, commonly made up of wood, plastic and decorated with art work and paints.


Jewelry storage can be done in small to large, traditional to modern boxes which can be particular for one kind of jewelry or can be used for all. However, small jewelry box is the mini box which is used to carry accessories along for occasions where large storage containers cannot be easily carried.