Keeping Your Pool Table In Top Shape: A Guide To Proper Care And Maintenance

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A pool table makes a great choice for the game lovers. It is liked by everyone at home as a perfect pastime. Once it is in the home like many other things it requires equal maintenance and care. With a few moments with your favourite game table you can achieve the desired results. By doing so your pool tables in Gold Coast will stay with you for a long time.  Whether you have a new table or your beloved family heirloom, here are some tips to keep it in top shape.

Regular Level Checks

Even slight unevenness affects gameplay. Use a level to occasionally check if the surface is perfectly flat. If however, it isn’t, then you should adjust the levellers on its legs. The floor should also be maintained for protection of what is underneath.

Maintain Cushions and Cloth

The usage causes gradual demise of the cloth and rubber cushions. Whenever you observe a change, just replace the cloth. Turn the fabric every now and then to distribute wear. Replace the worn cushions if bounce becomes inconsistent or balls release to much. To restore a snug fit between the rail and cushion use cushion inserts. Keeping these items fresh will maintain responsive play.

Inspect and Tighten Components                   

Frames, rails and pockets all loosen over years of play. Periodically inspect wood joints, examining for gaps or cracks. Tighten hardware like brackets, screws and bolts. Replace any components that become loose, warped or damaged. This prevents future issues like rails detaching or slate shifting. Be proactive with inspections and maintenance.

Control Humidity

Wood expanding or contracting can crack frames and warp the playing surface. Maintain 40-60% humidity in the room. You can use dehumidifiers and monitors. Avoid placing pool tables gold coast near HVAC vents or windows with direct sun or drafts. Stable humidity preserves the wood components and keeps the slate bed flat.

Clean and Restore Metals

Metal detailing like rails, lights and hardware can oxidize and deteriorate over time. Regularly wipe down metal fixtures, removing grime and chalk build-up. Use a metal restorative liquid and microfiber cloth for worn accents to polish and restore the original sheen gently. Prevent deterioration by keeping metals clean.

By a routine of inspection you can defend your table from decline. Follow the manufacturer’s care guide as well. With time and care, your pool table will stay in impeccable playing condition for many years of enjoyment. Keeps the game going through proper maintenance?

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