Choosing The Right Bathroom Tiles


When you enter your restroom, what do you think is the first thing you’ll notice? Is it going to be a stunning shower stall? Consider using your most prominent tile in this area. Is it going to be a freestanding tub with a roll-top? Then select a prominent wall tile to serve as the backdrop for this artwork. Perhaps you’re repurposing a lovely antique as a vanity? Consider the type of tiles you’d like to utilize for your kitchen’s counters. Choosing a focal point for your bathroom early on will allow you to begin selecting bathroom tiles in Melbourne that will complement and improve it.

Choosing the right design

To get started, select a design that you really like and stick with it. You can be smitten by a particular pattern, a bright color, or an unusual shape. This will be the centerpiece of the space, and it can be used on the walls, the floor, or even the shower enclosure. It’s important to use your most eye-catching tile as a guide for the rest of your accent tiles.

Accent Tiles

Consider only one or two other tiles to go with your focal point once you’ve decided on the feature tile. Complementary tiles are important, so make sure they complement your stand-out tile in the best possible way. You don’t want to have too many striking tiles in the same area, so choose something neutral, simple, or simply textured instead. You can find a wide variety of tile patterns and designs that can easily be combined to create a coherent look.

Your Floor Tiles Are Up to You!

When it comes to your bathroom floor tiles, you may want to think of them as merely a complement to the highlighted tile in your room. Alternatively, if you’ve chosen a more neutral color scheme for the walls, a patterned floor might add an unexpected pop of color and interest. It is possible to achieve a bohemian style, something more daring, or even the rustic look of actual timber with wooden effect floor tiles.

the dimensions of the floor tiles and the size of the room

You may want to avoid utilizing wide format tiles in a room this tiny (as is the case with many bathrooms). If you have a tiny cloakroom, go with medium-sized tiles, and if you have a large bathroom, go with mosaic tiles. 

 tile layouts

Even if you go for a plain tile, it doesn’t have to be dull! Consider using urban design tiles or rectangle tiles in an innovative configuration to give your design a unique twist. 

Texture can be added.

Consider using a nature-inspired bathroom tiles in Greensborough in your bathroom if you want to create a spa-like atmosphere. Tiles that appear like stone, slate, travertine, and actual stone will all give your home a natural feel. Adding natural wood tones to the mix will create a soothing and restorative atmosphere.

creating a comfort zone 

You’ll want something that’s both safe and pleasant for bare feet if you’re using tiles on the shower floor, so keep that in mind when you’re shopping for tiles. Because of the extra grout lines, small or mosaic tiles’ additional slide resistance is usually a good choice. We also have a wide selection of tiles suited for wet room floor installation if you want to create a wet room.

Practical Finish

Cleaning a smooth flooring is always going to be simpler. You may have to be a little more persistent with your cleaning plan if you have extensively embossed tiles, naturalistic tiles with troughs and grooves, and stone tiles, and the like. 

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